September – November 2018

 Jeanette Barnes

Jeanette Barnes

The range of what can now be considered drawing is vast in terms of material, process, scale and concept but it is now widely accepted that for many artists drawing is a primary rather than secondary medium.  Draw! explores the work of 5 artists for whom drawing is a fundamental part of their practice.

The works in this exhibition come together to form a conversation about what drawing is and can be.  While diverse, they all contain something of the eye, hand and mind of their maker.

Draw! celebrates drawing as a process that we can all enjoy with a series of events that invite everyone to take part.

Image credit: Jeanette Barnes


January – March 2019

Babel explores the tower, in all its forms, as image and metaphor. It will feature the work of artists Jonathan Wright and Wayne Warren alongside found objects and imagery. From ancient sites to vernacular infrastructure, from the sacred to the profane, this exhibition explores an imaginary of elevation as site of communication, desire and control. 

Perhaps the most iconic images of this kind in recent times have been inseparable from a narrative of disaster and collapse.  The exhibition explores whether the desire to build bigger, higher, denser structures for us to live and work, invokes the kind of hubris the Bible cautions against in the tower of Babel. 

Warren and Wright invite us to rethink and see again functional architecture such as the water-tower and the pylon - the skeletal minimum of structural necessity as the pragmatic made beautiful.

 Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright


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Schools and local groups are welcome between Monday and Friday. - We can arrange free guided tours with our Gallery Educator, providing a fascinating insight into the exhibits.

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