Meet the Team

OBS Gallery is staffed by a team of part time dedicated staff. Emily Glass curates the exhibitions, manages their installation and the accompanying marketing, publicity and education resources. Nicola Masters is the Galley Administrator and manages the staffing of the gallery, liaises with external audiences and ensures the smooth running of the exhibitions.  As Gallery Educator Sarah Pointon gives tours of the exhibitions to visiting groups and creates the Gallery Trails for children that accompany each show.

We are lucky to have a great team of Gallery Assistants who have a wide range of skills. These include designing publicity, hanging exhibits and packing precious objects to ensure  their safe transportation. Our weekend stewards manage the gallery when it is open to the public and give visitors an insight into the artwork on display.  During the week our wonderful team of volunteer stewards enable us to keep the gallery open to the Tonbridge School community and to visiting groups.  They have a wide range of interests and experience which they bring to the role.


Emily Glass - Curator

Curator, Art Teacher and Artist, enjoys headstands, hills and horticulture.


Nicola Masters - Administrator

Yarn bombing, porcelain throwing, pedal spinning, mum of three..


Sarah Pointon - Gallery Educator

An ideal day would find me sketching, skiing or singing, though not simultaneously.

Gallery Assistants


Wendy Mitchell

Always up for the challenge.


Dani Meharg

Busy Mum to three daughters and trustee for the Kent Painters Group.


Rachel Rundle

Schnauzer loving bookworm. Likes to travel.


Weekend Stewards


Fiona Townsend

Artist and mother.


Madeleine Brewster

In front of her favourite colour, orange, and in one of her favourite places, Tate Modern.


Katherine Johnson

Katherine loves walking, talking and feeding her creative brain.


Weekday Stewards


claire white

An Art-passionate bookworm, in ‘creative’ pupae-emerging-stage: Transformation imminent!


Di Drummond

Di can be found either painting, on an archaeology dig, or out in her camper van.


Bob Maddison

I enjoy playing my trombone with, 'Loose Women' and 'Marlings Morris'. I also enjoy gardening with some volunteering at the The Oast Theatre.


Sue Simpson

Happy to be part of the OBS Gallery project.



Margaret Pavlidis

Enjoys working with charcoal, enamelling, Danish pastries and reading travel books.


Mike Insley

A scientist with an interest in the history of art, particularly from the late 19th century onward.


Eleanor Bindemann

Enjoys being outdoors and growing vegetables.


Maggie Metcalfe

Since retiring from teaching Maggie has been painting in various media, and has recently focused on printmaking, working with etching, lino, woodcut and collagraph.