And Stone Softens

January - March 2015

An Exhibition of Work by Charlotte Chisholm, artist and Head of Art at Tonbridge School.

Charlotte Chisholm’s restless practice has seen her experiment with a wide variety of different techniques and processes. In this exhibition can be found paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, as well as works which mix two or more of these mediums.  

Though the forms have shifted, Charlotte’s attention has never strayed far from the themes of landscape, figure and family, which she has been interrogating all her life. As a teacher surrounded by students who take family and memory for granted for the most part, Charlotte is interested in asking questions about what happens to the twin ties of memory and family over a lifetime, or several lifetimes, as time fades, reinforces, distorts or reconfigures these relationship.

Within her more recent landscapes, figures compete with other structures; trees, stones, walls and paths. All lines and shapes appear to form and fade and we see the themes of identity and time subsumed by the timeless presence and illusive quality of the horizon itself.