Digital Generation

Art from Fidelity International

23 January - 5 March 2016

In a powerful, immersive installation, artists from around the world showcase the creative and experimental possibilities of digital technology. 

The exhibition draws upon the wide range of work in the Fidelity International Collection featuring seminal pieces alongside those at the forefront of interactive technology. While the works are forward thinking and technologically complex, they ultimately consider timeless themes relating to the power of abstraction, the majesty of nature and the need to document and expand the human experience. 

Artists include Jeffrey Blondes (France), Eelco Brand (The Netherlands), Dominic Harris (UK), Tim Maguire (Australia), Tatsuo Miyajima (Japan), Manfred Mohr (Germany), Junebum Park (S.Korea), Casey Reas (USA), TEAMLAB (Japan),  and Yang Yongliang (China).

South Korean artist Junebum Park has been especially commissioned to make a new piece for the exhibition Digital Generation; Art from Fidelity International, which features Tonbridge School maths students.  Find out more about how they solved his puzzles by watching the BBC South East news here: