East by South East

East by South East featured work by some of the most compelling and innovative artists from China, Tibet and Japan, such as Ai Wei Wei, Zhang Huan, Zhang Xiaogang, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami and Gonkar Gyatso.

Using sculpture, painting, photography and print, the exhibition explores themes that include the reinterpretation of traditions, diaspora communities and the influence of the political and cultural context.

Art from East Asia has undergone enormous changes since globalization and economic expansion have fostered new levels of artistic mobility. This has brought about an extraordinary journey for many Chinese artists that began their careers making subversive performance works that could only be publicised in secret, and are now represented in major galleries across the globe.

East by South East focuses on the region’s shifting parameters of aesthetic practice; Tibetan artists that have used centuries-old traditions and techniques to explore socio-political, spiritual and cultural issues alongside Japanese artists who seamlessly blend the line between high and low culture.

The exhibition is curated by Emily Glass and Wayne Warren.


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